How can you live today without a Smartphone?
How your business can be developed today without a professional website?
Attitudes-Web and its Web Designer will provide you the outstanding result you expect!
Website is a very serious matter for the development of your business.
Attitudes-Web has a very strict process to provide you the best of the best:

Strategy and Planning

        Creativity without strategy is called Art. Creativity with strategy, it is called efficiency for your bussiness! Attitudes-Web your Digital partner:

  ➤ Domain name(s) and email addresses
  ➤ Web Hosting
  ➤ Analysis of your business
  ➤ Analysis of your goal (consumer, teams, sale force, franchises, B to B…)
  ➤ Analysis of your goodwill
  ➤ Site Audit
  ➤ Competitor Analysis
  ➤ Target of the audience and definition of the user profiles
  ➤ Definition of the functionalities of the Website
  ➤ Architecture proposal



        Implementation of your Content Management

  ➤ Validation of a mono or multi languages Website
  ➤ Story Telling and Writing
  ➤ Translation
  ➤ Graphic Design
  ➤ Photos
  ➤ Other contents

Social Media

        Interaction between your Website and your Social media

  ➤ Cohesion of the story telling and the graphic design
  ➤ Links and improvement


Web developpment

        Attitudes-Web will always provide you the freedom you deserve. To be always in control of your Website, our Web designer developed your Website in Open Source. Attitudes-Web your Freedom Partner!

  ➤ Open source prescription 
  ➤ Front-end development
  ➤ Responsive Design
  ➤ SEO
  ➤ Social Media links
  ➤ User Testing 
  ➤ Optimization


        All services you nedd to be happy!

  ➤ Website maintenance
  ➤ Website monitoring
  ➤ Website Upgrade
  ➤ Emails monitoring
  ➤ Content Management
  ➤ Social Media
  ➤ Marketing and Advertising
  ➤ Facebook  Wi-FI
  ➤ Software package


About Our Practice

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